quarta-feira, 31 de maio de 2017

A rat in the sewers, a pet in an empty house. A meal to the cat and the hungry, alike.

I could, hold the light within this breath
Take a step back, an emphasis on the chaotic
Snare the concept in the past, seduce the fools
Killing them with reminisces of sweeter liars
A bolt to induce a rapid sense of urgency
To shower those in need with the causation of choice
Fuck, now we tunnel down on drama
To shower for I seek cleansing
I name it my honour, an habit for wardrobe
Acess faith, invigilate method of conduct as conduits
To shower out of necessity for privacy
A pusuit of an hobby, perhaps a secret singer's pleasure
Now we second guessing agonies and wonders
We envelop the lamp in warm arms that eclipse
Chances to resist, desist and surrender to my equality
Remind me, to shower to uphold a moment of serenity
As I think of the wonderful prison industry
And the academic failures that link to indoor conspiracy
What I do not understand fills many a dark holes and corner
You forget only the mailman is entitled to carry a message
Burn your figurine, a disgusting atribute of hope
Crush that crux, it irritates my skin
Alas, since when did we turn to media for the soles
Unto which my shoes fit a purpose?
Others walk on barefeet alone if need be
We came not to realize we fell prey to vampires
Bloodsuckers all around
Hey, monsters already rose from underneath the bed
Are you about to let them kill me?

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