segunda-feira, 21 de maio de 2018

How? Ohh how could we forget about you

How, how could we forget about you
NO! Light up those string limes
Rope tight 'bout combing my throat
NO! I wish for a brighter tomorrow
Where breathing comes easy
And I feel apreciated in someone's plan
An answer, a purpose, a mortal ask
For however device, a tool. A fool.

I need to be hated for falling out of reach
More turmoil! Then a razor in my wrists
A toxic coil coursing through my insides
That lights up my body, never late
Ignite this indecision out of sickness
A lump stuck on my throat, a thread
Ever so elusive and smooth
Oh how I despice when they say
"I wish I could be just like you"

Do not pretend you never felt lonely
I too am confused
How come we get to have came this far
Putting up airs, this shit show, and prevail

NO, I ain't listing a damage report
If I hold it close to my chest
It is indeed for dear life meaningful
I adore petty foolishness, growth conversed
Alas, it does indeed hurt to see my nemesis
Profoundly engraved in my soul
"How, how could we forget about you."
So easily wounded, I do scar deep
Tell me what's happening, it's all cool
What's good, ahha do not mind me
But indeed I rather hang from a tree
Than cure pain in order to induce apathy
Darling let it all flow
You are stronger than you have had the chance to show

sexta-feira, 18 de maio de 2018

A good night sleep calls for confetti and dodgy dance moves

The Good Life has been on my mind
Long overdue, a sigh held tight
Awkward back posture, I reckon
a quake to shatter the frame
to path dusty roads unturned
as I glance over my shoulder
For I did walk away

breathing be my sole curse
of existance a lesser menace
grimace for the sake of kindness
I might not understand but I did care
Let it be that Life starts now
Hard pressed for justification
Let the pulse in the veins instead
Regain the strength to carry on

Where did I go wrong
Wish my brain had been rearranged
Somehow, by beating with this heavy cane
A remedy or a poison, in the end
It all tastes the same

I came to adore hiding my brow
Heavy and insightful
To a living state of mind
Crocked back, lips of deceit
It just might be time to leave

Neutral, not indifferent
Anywhere would had been enough
from here onwards my stead is found
we construct over necessity

Let it be stated my Will is not immortal
it can in due time be cannibalized
serviceable for the effect of consumption
It has it would seem its uses
Once exhaustion settles in
for flying solo, mighty high, is both unbecoming
and sore cause for fractured bones.

I fell under the impression
the truth could be fashioned differently
and I believed it to be peachy
if a tad preachy, neat and supportive
for despicable events and silly escapades
made my best stories, entertaining outlets
of time, in time, again let's do it again..

To negociate one must confer the following dillema
It is not the price that breaks people, as they stale for time
God forbid if I would not abdicate of a limp or two too many
chasing white lies, if only I could I would
I care then, off transparent conseguences devoid of joy
Crossing the tenure of my household threshold whole
And they be dragged, ugly and amorph, thing that shapes to be
the death of me, oh-ohhh thy soul, a state of confusion instilled

I swear I glorify hypocricy to the stage where
upon ruin I would drown rescuing my shadow
from the tyranny of the sun, the cruelty of the moon
Glad to be alive but far too attached, the irony!
So, please please please, do not try to rescue me
Or let me get what I want.

sábado, 28 de abril de 2018

There is an hellish torment
that plagues the prayers resting
ever so tender for the Dead
under the careful watch, praise be the Yellow King
steadfast, undivided moarning state, goes to be seen
one can fasten his belt whenever causation appraises doubt
and wins, believe us, proves itself to propose Salvation
for I am the Sea, the Ocean and my worse enemy

Rage inflates, as desire is expected to be
chances that were never taken, feel them
crawl like ants, up your sleeve, whenever it rains
Free to rampage unchecked, welcomed even
Known not for want or lack thereof

Space, harden tempered forged Will
To be broken still by savoury experiences
One that fell to his knees, rather than abandon
knows now serenity, won is therefore the war
From yet not decided, future unchecked
It so happens my hands mold it everyday.

I am been meaning to tell you
I have been meaning to let you go
Guess I feel my words went just this far
And once I forget you I too will vanish
Alongside my bleeding pride and resentments
Oh well, all is well, no need to fight

domingo, 15 de abril de 2018

Damage sourced below the skin
Blood pool, drip by-a-bye swollen, well fed
erupt, immersive as it ticks, thicken what made the heart stop
neurotic, blue lips no longer moist
human shelf, are books memories or fragments of people's self-worth
ruined, let it transpire further upon these alleyways
either dry or refine, anyday, dumped on a site
under foundation, bedsheets of morta. perish the thought!
should you too cease to exist. or seige the right.
under the star gaze, on the eve of someone.

and so down we go.
where do I stand?
who can gauge my options?
Amid this fanatics,
trilled to shed the weight, off;
their past mistakes.
a stare down, run me down
Ironic them, how without fault
Each and everytime they come to hate it
Their steel cladded darts spin
Conclaved and conspired, surely, as a group debates

So and so

how better to shove said rhetoric down one's throat
Gag, you better struggle. heh, no puking now
It's no use, the acids work as intented
Improved taste, clarify me this then
Am I to be an outsider, an exile
A sick mad bastard perhaps that left all that behind
were it to be pronunced factually
by overwhelming general consensus
that I came to drown in self-defeat
would you, my friends that I came to make
accept my death and forget
or moarn me, carrying me still
to the frontier of a new eve
the dawn of estability, neutral colours
and no everlasting pain.

sexta-feira, 23 de março de 2018

Cannot, no longer! upheld truths
carried over the ledge
misplaced during off-season
empty streets, occult hallow sleeves
Landlords throw hands in the air
'it's ours now, for as long as it collides'
a turn off putting, like snow adrift
So to speak, we brush remorse
somebody is dead, so let us dance
to the sickening tune of expectations
It is after all an emergency.

The weak cannot forgive
nor forget, petty absolutions
such is the trauma in rebirth
It has been years now, dreams drowned
Promises; dried up and left behind
Good intentions are after all
A none factor, as the world disappears
mere acessory to the living that could

If I meant any of this
I would cave in and surrender
This turn, wicked be thy jagged crown
To the nearest holy authority, haste
Broken rafts too drift, by chance, ashore
Foreign waters where evil cannot be amended
Foggy blurry vision, before all is lost
Alas, the path is not a line and I still feel crux

segunda-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2018

Snow flows, memories consumed
Sand dance, caress asphalt
Blossom tempest, inherent protest
Four complains, escalating into a depression
Temperature slips, rosy cheeks
Import liquor, pink silk rancy sheets
It's settled now, grey hallow tones kiss concrete
I held her tightly, suffocated, feint walls closed in, infiltrated

as snow flew I fell
once it melted, away anew
alas, all alterated, fear
It hurt when you walked away
what lingered, coughing spite
an over shoulder sinister hopeful glance
It truly broke my heart 
Now I crawl in hopes pity
Will glue the shattered pieces

sábado, 30 de dezembro de 2017

It is too late.

I saw it all in a whirlwind of emotions
As I drowned in a rush of sensations anew
The Past's held by breath tight as all hell
As such I woke up covered in sweat
The trust was broken, sweet nightmares
Roam the plains of decay and emptiness
I swore to never ask, or feel, the same as these
Mistakes, I call them, decisions to be learnt
No longer a safe fortress, in ruins
Guess a prisioner of war cannot beg
Inner turmoil deserves to be tackled, granted
But the statement of facts opens not the doors to Heaven
Or returns to square one the promises that crumbled

Her silence filled the gaps in my mind
I once wrote her songs, poems and finer words still
All in whispers and gentle note strokes
Spoken with intent, why couldn't I know
Then, oh too late to claim her innocence
Man is not a tool but I sure felt like one
I did use, retribution through abuse
I was never one to stand quiet
The heavens wont open for me
All I wanted was a little taste
To drown in green eyes
But she deserves to be free
From the wickedness of a madman.