terça-feira, 1 de agosto de 2017

In hindsight, I could admit
In want of precaution and superstition
In equal measures a sound reasonsing
To linger in ghastly depravation
To an ideal of a wrong advise
From myself to me mind, no harm done.

Restless nights under the vigilant present of light
That would confort me to a swift lullaby
Stranger things have happened since then
Now I have came to realize I cannot save the World
I reckon I am still afraid of the shadows
But the sun burns my eyes

Disconcerning how self-assured
Of an everlasting impeding doom
Senseless and chained to the walls
Shallowed the key, already well tamed
Devoid of a survival instint my friend
Touched by misery to such an extend
I struggle to come to terms with
You have changed, and not for my sake

I identify as crazy other's that iluminate my wrongs
My shortcomings and my failings
To erase my presence, or at the very least
My malice and selfishness
Reduce it really, let's not to overly ambicious
Anything to lesser the risk of self-destruction
Anything to be able to say once again
I am coming home.

quinta-feira, 13 de julho de 2017

Light the stage, ablaze forefather with manufactured might.

As the face contorns
Whiskers tremble, at the very least honest
Cannot contain this moment inside of your head
I break shells, thread missed the line of a breakpoint
Flash news I lost the game, again.
Wait, no, stop. Forget about your pain
I endorse violence. I am ever so angry at Life.
and I refuse to live it for you're the frozen one.

It is incredible how naive youth should be
precious, and above the smallest precatious
I did not get shame, and dulled over repetition
fuck being straight edge, I seen cuts run seas afloat
As I stood taller over ages, income spent and hard fought, for.
Wait, no, stop it. I came to realize there is no need to apologize
But is is ever so nice and soathing. Comparable to coming up
To my funeral to see, understanding alas, couldn't shake the thought
Mistakes too could be experimentation
But I had a choice. And I could had known better.
It is never the If's that criple. But the need to amend
Frozen in a past rust and spent
Wait, no, stop it. I do not believe in lies.
"No way to make it right". I did it my way.

It hurts to be average
And whenever the melodrama hits harder
Beneath the ground of reason and common sense
On a free fall to decay and confusion
Who is to say I deserve to be shown how?

I am no King
or a heir to the kingdom come
And all around me specters roam
Funny though, they cannot track time
Or tell it otherwise amid the sun, etcetera.
I deviate, granted, of my purpose to travel
Clicking drinks and clinging to the plot
I land to stand, for I stood to fight
For a cause to be discussed if lucky enough
To triumph and reciprocate, another day. 

terça-feira, 20 de junho de 2017

Attend to the extend of my failings

Is the virtues of self-discovery
As volumous as we perceive it to be?
Did we stroke a vine of livelihood
perhaps during the day, we could be a-ok
No internal bleeding, ringing a futile alarm
Draining someone else's chances of reconciliation
At night, as we waited for a sign
We managed to stop counting the days

What could open this cage
On which I have consolidated my devotion
How can it be, intermutual and falling through
I had a plan, and she a change to be set in time.
Can't I truly kill time? Everything always changes and then turns around..
Beyond that lapse, over each obstacle that I left behind

If I swore I do apologize
As it is expected and long overdue
Emocional, of sorts, honest to the God's
Both in my dreams and close to me
Masters of my soul, destiny and cell
Are you calling me?

quarta-feira, 31 de maio de 2017

A rat in the sewers, a pet in an empty house. A meal to the cat and the hungry, alike.

I could, hold the light within this breath
Take a step back, an emphasis on the chaotic
Snare the concept in the past, seduce the fools
Killing them with reminisces of sweeter liars
A bolt to induce a rapid sense of urgency
To shower those in need with the causation of choice
Fuck, now we tunnel down on drama
To shower for I seek cleansing
I name it my honour, an habit for wardrobe
Acess faith, invigilate method of conduct as conduits
To shower out of necessity for privacy
A pusuit of an hobby, perhaps a secret singer's pleasure
Now we second guessing agonies and wonders
We envelop the lamp in warm arms that eclipse
Chances to resist, desist and surrender to my equality
Remind me, to shower to uphold a moment of serenity
As I think of the wonderful prison industry
And the academic failures that link to indoor conspiracy
What I do not understand fills many a dark holes and corner
You forget only the mailman is entitled to carry a message
Burn your figurine, a disgusting atribute of hope
Crush that crux, it irritates my skin
Alas, since when did we turn to media for the soles
Unto which my shoes fit a purpose?
Others walk on barefeet alone if need be
We came not to realize we fell prey to vampires
Bloodsuckers all around
Hey, monsters already rose from underneath the bed
Are you about to let them kill me?

quarta-feira, 24 de maio de 2017

Fate made for a simpleton's script

Shuffle the deck, just right
Set aside a trump card, sensing defeat
One pulls another stunt, from the grave
Almost, certain, that we haven't seen your best
All we give, in, to stand in the ground under the weight
Existing to siege momentum, cut down doubt
Before it takes root
So, shall we wait?

Some face up to faith as a power source
I hope, for our sake we write this charade off
Or we risk the vice of stagnation
Is it embarassing to feel optimisticly
confortably numb? 
I rather hallucionate, vivivly at that darling
Then be a delusional hopeless case of serviture
Marred by pain and tangled in lesser escapes
I cherish my dreams and wave at them
Recognizing both, where I came from
And where, should I stop, I was heading to
A fucked up script, but alas, the only one I know

Wonderful, sensations can also let us to a crash and burn
Terror for fear we shan't ever rise anew
A fenix darling, the human capacity for laughter
Regardless of tragedy and anomaly alike
And for those who came near the abyss
but looked back, tripping foward off the ledge?
A toast, a salutation that denies forgiveness for sin
But provides confort in rememberance
There is a lesson to be learned
And if hope and wishful thinking
Should provide, a future generation to guide

Ah, ha. Least we let it escape
From the corner of the world to my reptil tongue
Astrology contributes to inspire liars
But baby, what I need to do and what I need doing
Is to start a religion and complement those lips
Cursing the fact they aren't yet mine

sábado, 20 de maio de 2017

The month grows cold

Forsaken morning glory
Casting spells, deviance to mark a point
Generally speaking, plain fuckery
I would sell my secrets
But I cannot pronunciate jokes
Without shiver and penance in my spine
For a moral compass, no two ways about it.

I came to pick up the habit
Of scratching my wrists
Tapping the fingers in solace
That my nerves would erupt
Through supersticion and shame, exposed
Knock on wood, it shan't be a rouse
Of acting cold towards, what was it again?

Absolutely maddening growing old
When one sees rogues at every turn
Devils in disguise, beckoning at the shadows
So far, ah, oh, ha, mhm..
To course skin through fingertips
A sign of life, pleasing in commodity
In need of a new lead, a plan to follow up
To the truth in someone else's eyes...

domingo, 9 de abril de 2017

The moon was gracious and that is alright with me

For lack of better words in order to reach
A secondary result, refuting my shortcomings
Have you ever pondered
What could had been if Time was elastic
To extend any particular moment where one
Hasty in response or the tone of his voice
Mused speed and by disregarding finesse
Lost all but the timing of eloquence
A clap-trap, granted, by order of rash exhaustion
Exalted by exposing secrets, open for the crowd to decide

Alas, silence speaks wonders sometimes
But, then again, so does anyone's face as of late
John Does, with grayed hair and faces
Baggy eyes, their spirits a reflection of a faint sense of urgency
I cannot deny I too would rather pray for absolution
Were my sons and daughters content to walk this earth without a heart
To you hear it? An enervating vibe of imminence?
Can we uphold this movement, up-keeping a religion
That ignores the warning signs, to take more then we can give
For we would do so much better on our own
As long as technology impulses us further

To replace the Maker
Emancipation and turn the world concepts upside down
To draft the fellowship into chaos
There is word on the streets, war and blood on the horizon
Ah! But equality should follow the tragedy
For post-turning everyone (else) basically into my enemy
There would be no one else to rule beside me
Alas, our very essence and souls are under pressured

To turn my doubts into violence, friends
Is both easy and a provokingly smooth transaction
Gold for lies. Lives for means. Excuses for prayers and thoughts.
Aware that the feeling, good, lingers upstream in a bodily holy communion
It does feel good, for vice is tempting and broke better men before
My principles cannot compare, caught wind of a mere breeze
and off they gone, "where were you?".
I might tire of making up my mind
The moon shall stay a gracious idol, and that is alright with me